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activitiesIf you’re curious about how to stay active and healthy as you age, consider Tai Chi. This non-violent, low-impact martial art is both contemplative and strengthening. It allows you to stay physically and mentally fit, even if more intense sports are now out of the question. Here are the top benefits of Tai Chi, reasons why more and more seniors are trying it out.

  1. Low Impact – There’s no running, no diving, no jumping, and no crashing into others.
  2. Strengthening – Build strength through slow and intentional movements which carefully increase in intensity.
  3. Gain Flexibility – Tai Chi movements are also meant to help increase or sustain a healthy level of flexibility.
  4. A Quiet Mind – Tai Chi is meditative, in that you become completely immersed in the movements. This kind of meditative state has been shown to improve memory, decrease stress, and keep your brain and body relaxed and happy.
  5. At Your Own Pace – Tai Chi can be adapted to suit the beginner, at any age. It’s a relatively simple system of movements that starts wherever you are and can become as challenging as you like.
  6. Not Competitive – Many seniors don’t take up new sports or forms of exercise because they feel it’s too competitive. Tai Chi celebrates the individual success and only you will know how well you’re doing.
  7. Satisfying – Moving your body, getting exercise, and watching yourself improve will be deeply satisfying.
  8. Graceful – Even if you don’t consider yourself graceful now, learning Tai Chi will help you to gain grace.
  9. A Personal Challenge – While you can start out easy, as you go you will challenge yourself to gain strength, flexibility, and skill.
  10. Fun and Relaxing – Exercise in general leads to feelings of relaxation, especially if you have fun.

Tai Chi is enjoyable and makes you feel strong and healthy while being safe and at a reasonable pace for anyone to enjoy.