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A good night’s sleep is important to healthy functioning of the body and mind; this is as true in the later years as it is at birth. As we age, we may begin to experience difficulty sleeping for one reason or another—but this is not an inevitable symptom of age! With some practice, it is possible to hone a sleep routine that leaves you well rested and ready to enjoy the day. Many of these good sleep habits are formed well before your head hits the pillow; a good rest is a product of the day that precedes it.

Work on That Tan

Studies show that many seniors don’t get enough exposure to natural light in the course of a day. Sunlight is one of the cues our body uses to keep the circadian rhythm on track, and not getting enough sunlight (or too much artificial light) can throw off our body’s natural clock.

Get Some Exercise

Exercise is another vital part of a good night’s sleep, and the Sleep Foundation suggests that a daily exercise component can be the single most helpful aid to quality rest. Any type of exercise will do the trick, so low-impact activities like swimming and stretching are the most recommended.

Establish a Healthy Pre-Bedtime Routine

A good pre-bedtime routine can have a huge impact on the quality of sleep. Caffeine, big meals, and screen time should be limited in the hours leading up to bedtime as each of these things has its own way of disrupting your rest.

Get Comfortable

Everyone has unique preferences when it comes to mattresses, pillows, and sleep positions. Try some experimenting to find the most comfortable combination for you. Mattresses run a spectrum from soft to firm, and adjustable beds can adjust your mattress to your preferred sleep position. Ensure your pillow offers adequate support without being too firm or too squishy. For side-sleepers, the ideal sleep posture can be achieved with a pillow between the legs or for back-sleepers, a pillow or two underneath your knees to elevate your legs.

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