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pentictionAssisted Living is a housing service designed for individuals that are still relatively independent but requiring extra assistance and support with daily living. Changing a loved one’s living situation can be a daunting task, yet finding one available that fits their current needs is key. Today’s trends in assisted living follow a holistic approach. At the Hamlets at Penticton, we are committed to providing support through our mission and values including quality of life, loving care, honouring individuals, shared responsibility and integrity.

Some major trends changing today’s assisted living are:

The decline in the nursing-home-model of care.

Senior care has moved away from the former nursing-home-style of care, to one that is centered on providing a community filled with personal choice. Independent living can provide each individual with appropriate care based on their needs.

Multi-generational facilities.

Other facilities that are on the rise that provide an alternative are multi-generational family units. These allow young families and older adults to co-habit in a community type of environment.

More lifestyle resources in assisted living facilities.

Recreational options like organized outings, walking clubs, organized game nights and Wii games are just a few activities trending in assisted living facilities. Ensuring that residents still have access to activities they enjoy and opportunities to socialize is part of the comprehensive assistance.

Environmentally-minded programs.

As the trend towards eco-housing continues, many facilities offer green spaces and gardening activities as part of their program. Newer buildings constructed with environmentally-friendly practices are part of a growing trend towards a commitment to the environment.

Digital resources for residents.

As we move forward into the digital age, many resources like iPIpads, computers and digital games can be a part of the ongoing resources for residents in assisted living facilities. In addition, up and coming digital technology can help facilities provide the best care to improve health and the best quality of life for seniors.

In March 2016, new amendments made to the Community Care and Assisted Living Act by the BC government is a positive move to improve choices for seniors as they age. The legislative changes have increased the amount of prescribed services that can be delivered to seniors living in an assisted living environment. This will enable them to potentially live longer in an assisted living facility, based on their individual assessments and needs.

The Hamlets at Penticton are managed by H&H Total Care Services which has facilities in western Canadian cities such as Calgary, Red Deer, Airdrie, Vernon, Langley and Surrey.