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Depression affects a large majority of the population. The older you get you may find yourself fighting off depression although you never had to before. Fighting off depression is do-able and is an important thing to do especially for seniors. Here are 8 simple ways to boost mental health and well-being.

  1. Eat a well-balanced diet. As you age, it’s so easy to skip meals or not eat what you should. Eating sensibly every day will boost your immune system and help you to stay healthy.
  2. Get Moving. Exercise is very important the older you get. Just walking or biking are great ways to do this, or you can get into a gym routine.
  3. Get a Good Night’s Sleep. Keep a healthy sleep regimen by reducing naps during the day and don’t drink caffeine before bed.
  4. Keep busy. Just because you’re retired doesn’t mean you put your brain to sleep. Now is when you finally have the time to do all those things you’ve been putting off.
  5. Make New Friends. Inevitably, sooner or later friends die or move away and you may find you’re more on your own than previously. There is always a craft club or a bowling league to join.
  6. Go online. Learning how to use a computer is easy. You’ll be able to keep in contact with children, grandchildren and everyone else. Even online you can make friends.
  7. Recognize the difference between grief and depression. Oftentimes in older people one spouse has already passed on. Recognize that grief is different from depression and is a sadness that can be worked through.
  8. Be Purposeful. No matter how old you get, there are always things you can do better than anyone you know.

Aging is a good thing. It means you have a lot to offer to the world in your own unique ways.