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Having a parent or other loved one suffer from dementia can be a trying and difficult time in someone’s life. Here are a few ways that you can help to provide comfort for someone suffering from dementia.

Be Patient

Providing comfort to a loved one suffering from dementia begins at being patient and empathetic. This can be very difficult, as we often remember the person from before this horrible disease, and easily become frustrated when this is no longer the case. Just remember, your loved one is doing his or her best, and is also possibly scared and confused about what is happening. By being patient, this can help to calm and comfort your loved one, rather than frustrate you both.

Share Memories

People suffering from dementia struggle to make sense of the present, as processing and storing new information is difficult or no longer possible. However, many people with dementia still have memories and experiences from their past that they can draw upon. Sharing stories and looking at photographs with your loved one can provide comfort and help him or her to feel more at ease in the present situation.

Use Routines and Schedules

As previously mentioned, the present can be confusing and difficult for those with dementia. To help reduce this, schedules and routines should be established and followed. This especially becomes important as dementia progresses, as it provides a sense of normalcy in your loved ones life.

Having a parent or other loved one go through dementia can be a difficult and trying time. Thankfully, you are not alone. Make sure you not only do your best to take care of and reassure your loved one, but also take care of yourself and your emotional needs. Consider having your loved one move into a dementia care home to help provide the care and reassurance on a daily basis. Dementia care in Penticton can help you take comfort in knowing your loved one is being well taken care of.