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In assisted living communities, we often come into situations where our residents have dietary restrictions, whether medically necessary or a patient’s preference, it is important that assisted living centers take these considerations into careful consideration, as diet can have significant impact of the physical and mental health of the residents.


Nutrition for our senior family members is so important to ensure their health remains consistent. Meals should be well-balanced and food options should include various health snacks throughout the day. Each resident may have very different dietary needs, so a variety of food should be available, including low-fat options, low-sodium options, low-calorie options, and reduced-fat options.

Therapeutic Diets

When a doctor has described a specific-diet to their patient, it is important that the assisted living home is aware of this and implements it into the patient’s care. Additionally, therapeutic diets should also be tasty – as a diet can’t be therapeutic if it isn’t being eaten. Substitutes should be available for seniors at risk of heart disease, among other common ailments.

Specialized diet regiments are also important to be made aware of, as they can be necessary for a variety of reasons. Some diets which may be recommended include:

If you or a loved one has been prescribed a therapeutic diet by your doctor, The Renaissance’s culinary team of professional dietitians, nutritionists and chefs will work with you to improve your health condition through a specialized diet regimen. While there are a variety of therapeutic diets to address the individualized geriatric needs of our members, some of the most common diets we accommodate include:

  • Soft Diets
  • Liquid Diets
  • Diabetic Diets
  • Low-Calorie Diets
  • Low Cholesterol Diets
  • Low Sodium Diets
  • High Protein Diets

Because diet is such a vital part of health care, it is incredibly important that your or your loved ones’ assisted living facility takes their meal plans seriously. Whether diet restrictions are in relation to a medical condition, are a personal preference, or are doctor-prescribed, they are all important considerations to be made by the culinary team at your assisted living facility.