Residents of retirement homes in Okanagan benefit from the natural beauty, the climate, and the proximity to major medical centers as well as family members in the region. We believe that Okanagan is the ideal setting in which to retire, whether you’re interested in independent living centers or an assisted living community. The questions that residents of retirement homes in Okanagan have asked are not necessarily unique, but the answers that Okanagan provides certainly are.

Away but Close

Okanagan offers a beautiful and relaxing environment in which to retire. You can get away from the big city, on a simply stunning lake, and in a part of Canada that offers some of what Canada does best: quiet, natural beauty. However, this area is still convenient if you’re living in a retirement home but still independent and interested in visiting family in Vancouver or the surrounding area. It’s also easy and attractive for family members to visit you, if you live in an assisted living or independent living center in Okanagan.

Activities and Fun

Okanagan is also known for the many outdoors activities available during all seasons of the year. The lake is a primary attraction, but there are also many great day hikes and cross country skiing opportunities for retirees who are still very active and enjoy the outdoors. Kamloops, Penticton, and Kelowna also offer a number of cultural attractions. Even if you’re happy to stay close to home, there are many opportunities for day trips from retirement homes in the area and group trips are a fun and invigorating way to spend a day.

A Focus on Care and Community

Okanagan area retirement homes provide access to the best in medical care, as well the opportunity to build a new community around shared values and hobbies. Joining a community in Okanagan, whether focused on independence or with the help of assisted living facilities, can be a great way to spend your golden years.

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