Laughing daily offers so many wonderful benefits for our health in day to day life. Laughing for just ten minutes can burn as many as 40 calories – great for your physical and mental health alike. Laughter can be a secret weapon for your health – and can benefit you in many ways, including help with:

  • Pain
  • Poor Circulation
  • Loneliness
  • Immunity
  • Psychological Problems

Benefits of Laughing Daily

Laughter has many benefits, some of the most important benefits include:

  • Stress Relief. Laughter reduces levels of stress-inducing hormone cortisol. It also can increase endorphin levels, boosting your brain with health-promoting hormones. The good feelings from laughing can stay in your system for an entire day.
  • When you laugh, blood flow increases throughout the body. Additionally, laughter causes your muscles and joints to flex and stretch, which promotes a healthy body.
  • Easing of Pain. Endorphins that enter your blood stream while laughing are the same endorphins that increase your ability to endure and ignore pain. Try to find humor as a way to relieve pain when you are not feeling your best.
  • Increased Immunity. Stress hormones are reduced by laughter – this allows your immune system to function more efficiently.
  • Social connections. Sharing companionship and laughing with others promotes a strong personal connection – an important part of health and wellness for seniors. Laughter decreases negative feelings and increases connectedness.

Laughing plays a strong role in our every day health and wellness. If you can find a way to laugh every single day, you will benefit from increased health and wellness in your day to day life.

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