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Music therapy is an increasingly popular method of providing seniors with a therapeutic way of improving emotional security and well-being. Music therapy for Penticton seniors residences can help bring up past feelings and emotions which provide comfort and provide joy. So what is music therapy and what are the benefits for those in senior care?

What is Music Therapy?

At its core, music therapy is specific treatments that include creation, movement, singing and listening to music. These are regular therapy sessions, done in groups, that can be delivered in a number of ways. Some popular music therapy treatment options used include sing-alongs, playing classical music, or naming a song based on a short clip. These are not only fun, but also beneficial.

What are the benefits?

So how does this benefit seniors? Music therapy can directly contribute to the physical and mental health of seniors. First, it helps seniors to recall old memories. As there are often strong emotions tied to music, this recall can help to ward off depression. Music therapy helps with physical movement by incorporating exercise and movements through dance and rhythmic activities. There are also cognitive benefits. Trying to remember the name of a song can help to stimulate neural pathways, and keep the brain ticking.

The senior community management at Hamlets Penticton can help guide you if you believe music therapy is right for you. Check out the activity calendar, as music therapy and sing-alongs are offered on a regular basis.