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An independent living community is a great way to ensure that an aging loved one has access to the care they need while still promoting individuality and a high quality of life. Even for loved ones who may feel reluctant to leave their homes and enter care, independent living communities are a good choice, as they are flexible in what they provide so your relative will not feel stifled.

When choosing an independent living community in Okanagan, think about exactly what services are required for your situation. Do you need a high level of care for your loved one, or just a bit of support for every day activities? If you have a specific need like dementia care or respite care, be sure to look for an independent living community in Okanagan that has experience and expertise in these fields.

In order to be fulfilled, seniors need to be able to enjoy a wide variety of activities, from structured outings to church services and wellness programs. A well-rounded independent living community should offer a full range of amenities and resources to its clients, enabling them to do the things they want to do while still remaining safe and supervised, if necessary. When looking at features of independent living communities in Okanagan, consider how much on-site access residents have to things they need — being able to go to a hair salon in the community, for example, makes it easier for seniors to deal with transportation and logistics with less stress.

The actual independent living community should feel like home to your relative, so be sure to involve him or her in the process. You can also take a tour of the area, including rooms, gardens, and meal facilities, to ensure your relative is comfortable.