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There is a wide range of products and services available to help make life safer, more accessible, and more comfortable for the elderly. Buying gifts for the seniors in your life should be an exciting process, because it gives you the opportunity to potentially make a positive improvement in a way that may not have otherwise occurred to the recipient.

The people in your life are unique, so it would be impossible to provide a list of specific gift recommendations for them. Instead, we’ll try to impart some helpful pointers to choose a gift that will be well appreciated.

Tailor the Gift to the Individual

Be thoughtful in personalizing the gift for the recipient. The rest of the tips here may or may not apply to everyone on your list, but a thoughtful, personalized gift is always the best gift for anyone—with the possible exception of Mr. Grinch. There is a huge market of products specifically for seniors, so there are many gifts available if you’d like to buy an age-specific gift. Accessible electronics, in particular, are trending right now.


Make sure gifts will enjoy some use from the recipient. The best way to do this is to ask yourself: Does the gift suit their style? Or, could you imagine them having a need for it? If the answer is yes, remember to double-check that they don’t already own one.

Be Mindful of Space

Be mindful of buying bulky items, and things that have a low amount of use time compared to the storage space they occupy. Seniors in community homes may not have as much access to free storage space as homeowners, and those living at home may already have crowded garages. Be mindful about the space your gift may take up.


For the person who seems to have truly everything, there is an increasing trend to make a donation in their honour. Personalize it so that it aligns with their values and pick an organization which they would like to see supported.

Since our senior community is in Penticton, you may want to buy locally where possible. Always ask up front if they will deliver to minimize COVID-19 risk. Penticton is a thriving community with everything under the sun available.

The Hamlets at Penticton is a supportive, long-term care and assisted-living community in the beautiful Okanagan area of BC. In a compassionate environment based on the tenets of Christianity, The Hamlets of Penticton offers security and independence for seniors in their retirement years.

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