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As the seniors in our life retire and age, they can become less and less active, sometimes choosing to stay home more often than they used to. Curling up in front of the TV or reading a book may become the easier choice as driving can become more difficult and participating in social activities with others more cumbersome to arrange. However maintaining a social life is a key part of healthy aging, as many experts suggest that keeping the body and mind active helps to slow the aging process.

Continuing to be social can help the elderly have a reduced risk for depression. Keeping active by interacting with friends and family can help to combat lonely feelings and keep their minds active. Staying connected to friends, family and acquaintances can help seniors to stay current with events and keep active. Staying social also helps from being isolated and lonely, something that many people struggle with as they age.

Maintaining a level of physical activity is important for seniors to help stay socially active. Joining a gym or community facility can help provide social interactions and some physical activity – both of which are great for maintaining health. Seniors that are engaged physically and socially will feel happier, which is good for all aspects of aging.

Volunteering in the community can be another way for seniors to stay active socially. If your loved one’s are newly retired or grandparents, volunteering at local community centres or schools is an option. Similarly, joining a centre to take a class or learn a new hobby can help introduce them to like-minded friends while learning a new skill.

Interacting with other adults, seniors and children will help to keep our elderly loved ones sharp and active. Always include them in your family functions and activities to help keep them agile and happy.