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There are a wide range of care options available to us as we age. While this is great and provides flexibility, choosing the right option can seem like a difficult task. One tough decision is choosing between home care, and a residential care home in Penticton, such as Hamlets. Here are some things to consider when choosing between these options.

Home Care

Home care is an excellent option for some seniors. With home care, you or your loved one is able to remain in their own home, where it is familiar and comfortable. With home care, a care provider will make visits based on the need of the senior. This is an excellent option for someone who is still fairly independent, and able to mostly take care of themselves, but requires help with certain areas such as meal preparation, bathing, cleaning or other tasks.

Residential Care Community

Moving into a residential care community in Penticton should be considered when you or your loved one needs a higher level of care that home care can no longer provide. Residential care allows seniors to remain independent, but not have to worry about meal planning or preparation and other tasks. The level of care can also be catered to the needs of the senior, but residential care is not meant for complex, higher levels of care.

For seniors wanting to remain in their own home, that are still able to do most tasks, home care is a great option. If a senior is beginning to find everyday tasks more difficult, and needing more support for health, accessibility or other things, residential care is recommended. Any seniors who suffer from memory loss or similar should also consider residential care.