At the Hamlets at Penticton, our assisted living suites are for clients wanting to maintain some independence, while having staff as support when they need it.  We also offer a residential care accommodation for those who require 24-hour nursing care and support. While many seniors enjoy living in their own homes, there may come a time when you have to discuss residential care or an assisted living arrangement. It is important to discuss this decision with family members, and extended family when considering the options of choosing a senior home.

The difficulty in discussing these matters is that not every family member may agree on what is best for your loved one. Choosing a senior home is a significant decision and it’s best when all family members are involved in the decision making process. The roles of all family members, including the senior’s children, spouse and other extended family, can be an integral part of their ongoing care. Balancing the resources of all family members can also take the burden off of one member managing everything.

One of the hardest parts about making these decisions is the emotional adjustment. Your family members may feel loss, shock and grief over the changes ensuing. Adult children may experience a variety of emotions, especially in the ‘role reversal’ aspect of their parents needing care. Other family members can provide emotional support and help find resources to help mitigate some of these feelings and emotions.

If you are thinking about senior assisted living or residential care services for an elder in your family, it’s important to involve them plus other family members in the conversation. Our staff at the Hamlets at Penticton are here to assist you in the process and guide you as necessary. Every case is different and we are happy to help you make these important decisions.

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