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An individualized care plan for your senior family member means always putting their safety and best interests first.  To formulate a proper care plan, all members of the team should be involved – that includes the family of the senior, the home health aide, nurses, social workers, and anyone else who helps the senior on a regular basis. The goals of the care plan should be to keep everyone on the same page in order to keep the senior happy, healthy, and safe.

A care plan will help to prevent illness and injury. The plan will address potential issues ahead of time, and will outline the steps to solve it – re-evaluating when the circumstances change as needed. Potential issues could include infection, fall risk, medication effects and changes in dosages.

The plan will also help to keep the patient at optimal functioning levels, by drawing out their limitations. Physical therapy may be included on the care plan in order to keep the senior as strong as possible, which will help them stay independent as long as possible. Cognitive aspects as well can be helped with a care plan, by including things such as memory games and socialization.

Additionally, the drawing out of a detailed care plan can help the senior feel important and involved in their own care. Improvisation in a senior’s outlook and state of mind is often noticed when a senior is consulted in their care plan, as it helps them to feel like they do have some control over their future and their own lives. Participating in regular care plan meetings will help to keep the senior in charge of their own plan.

A individualized care plan for your senior family member will not only give them a sense of independence, but will also make sure that they have the best interests for their safety, health, and wellness prepared for them at all times and ready in the event of an emergency or change in circumstances.