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You have probably heard of audible books or audiobooks. These are books that one or more persons read into a tape, and then you can play the tape and hear the book being read to you word for word. All the major booksellers such as Amazon and Barnes and Noble offer audible books.

However, you may not realize that there is a vast collection of audible books that are available for free. That’s what we’re going to talk about today in this blog article.

Benefits of Audible Books

Audible books have several benefits. One is that you can listen to a book while you’re doing something else, like cooking or eating. Many people listen to them while driving.

But another big benefit is that you can read books without the reading. For those who have limited vision or tire of reading fine print, you can consume the book without “reading” it.

Free Sources of Audible Books

There are many free sources of audible books online. These are books that can be listened to from a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone. This is legal because the books that are available are in the public domain. For example, the books may be classics that were written a long time ago.

Every website will have different titles to choose from, so you have to look around to find what you like. Here are some websites that offer free audible books:


Project Gutenberg



Loyal Books

This is not an exhaustive list, but they are good places to start your journey. You can usually search by title, author, or book genre. In some cases, you can also download copies of the book if you want someone to read it to you in person.

For book lovers, audiobooks can open up a whole new world. And as the author, Stephen King, said, “Books are a uniquely portable magic.” And if it interests you, you can also become a reader on many of these websites, taping your voice for others to listen to.

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