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After retiring, many people find that they are grasping to expand their social circles. As they open up more free time for themselves, retirees may find that they need to find new activities to keep themselves from getting bored.

Here are some great tips for maintaining social relations and avoiding boredom after retirement!

Form Connections Outside of Work. Most of our regular social interaction tends to be done at work. If you spend most of your day interacting with colleagues, customers, or clients at work it may be worthwhile to start expanding your social circles prior to retiring. Look into groups of people that share your similar interests – consider joining a club or team that matches your interests.

Plan Ahead. When you are planning to retire, it may be worthwhile to make social connections with people who are also retiring, or who may be around when you are home after retirement. Consider chatting with older neighbours who may be lonely – or who may be willing to have you join them in the daytime for visits or activities.

Volunteer. There is no better way to feel great about yourself than by volunteering. Plus, volunteering will get you out of the house and will provide a great benefit to your community! Finding a group to volunteer with that you are passionate about will help you find a social network of people with similar interests and values.

Keeping active and social after retirement is a great way to ensure you stay sharp in the mind, and happier for much longer into your retirement.