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We truly believe the photos will provide you a sense of our community where we are proud to show health and happiness are a way of life.




At The Hamlets in Penticton, our beautiful facility offers well-appointment living suites and wonderful recreational and social areas to encourage an independent and healthy lifestyle for all of our residents. Our living suites encourage independence while also ensuring that a trusted support and care system is just around the corner if needed.

Located conveniently in the sunny Okanagan region of BC, our facility is close to highway connectors for easy access, and is in one of the nicest climates in the province. Our facility provides the privacy, security, and independence that is required for a healthy and happy retirement lifestyle, including fun recreational and social activities and common areas.

You will love life at The Hamlets in Penticton.

For a true sense of our community, please see our gallery of photos (above) where we are proud to show that health and happiness are our way of life.