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COVID-19 fatigue is real. And many of us are experiencing it. There are people of all ages, who have never felt any free-floating anxiety before, feeling it now. So, here are some tips for overcoming COVID-19 fatigue. We all need to learn to cope because it may be a while before things go back to the way we remember them.

  • Cut down on news

Many people find the news depressing. Feel free to cut back on watching or listening to news or cut it out altogether. Maybe you would prefer reading some National Geographic news for a change. There are other kinds of news you can add to your routine other than international headlines and even some news outlets that only offer good news.

  • Get used to masks

We’re probably going to be wearing masks for a while, so let’s make the best of it. Homemade masks come in several different styles. Find a mask that you like, are comfortable in, and resign yourself to wearing it. It protects you and everyone else. If you wear homemade masks then you can choose clever, stylish, or even humorous fabrics.

  • Find novel ways to communicate

Since social distancing is the norm right now, learn some of the new ways to communicate. Get comfortable with video conferencing. If you have a smartphone, try some of the instant messaging apps. We might as well have some fun while we’re using all the new technologies. What’s important is staying in touch with loved ones, and that’s easier than ever.

We know that people are tired of COVID-19, but let’s make the best of our lives right now and try to feel well every day.

The Hamlets at Penticton is a supportive, long term care and assisted-living community in the beautiful Okanagan area of BC. In a compassionate environment based on the tenets of Christianity, The Hamlets of Penticton offers security and independence for seniors in their retirement years.

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