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For seniors in residential care in Okanagan, there may be a fear that recreation opportunities and options will decrease once one is living in a seniors home. Okanagan seniors may be used to handling their own recreational scheduling, with favourite activities and hobbies done around home, with family, and friends. Luckily, for those in residential care in Okanagan, recreation options abound if the right assisted living facility is chosen!

If your loved one is entering into residential care in Okanagan, be sure to pay special attention to what recreation options are available at the residence you are considering. Your loved one should be able to be as active as he or she desires, with physical activity, fitness, and exercise encouraged by staff. Staff should tailor programming to residents, focusing on activities that support their interests and desires.

What are some recreation options that could benefit your loved one? Activities such as walking outings and clubs, aquatic therapy, and daily fitness and exercise routines will keep your loved one moving, and engaging with staff and fellow residents.

Recreation options do not have to be all about fitness, however. Seniors benefit from activities that support their hobbies and interests, like board games, baking and cooking, religious activities like bible study, musical performances and singalongs, art, and outings to favourite places like the theatre, sporting events, and shopping centres.

Assisted living in Okanagan should be holistic, focusing on all of the different things that keep seniors fit, healthy, and happy. Recreational activities play a large role in the overall wellbeing and comfort of residents, so be sure that your loved one has lots to choose from. Recreation leads to socialization, friendship, and fun, and staves off more negative feelings such as boredom, sadness, loneliness, or unease.