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Dementia is a difficult part of aging for both the patient and the people that love them. Knowing that forgetfulness can turn dangerous after a certain, unknown point will often cause anxiety in family members who feel they should do something to help. But the best care for someone with dementia is a community and care professionals who specializes in dementia. At our full time residential dementia care facility, we do everything we can to ensure that residents maintain as much independence as possible, without sacrificing safety.

Why Dementia Care at Penticton?

At The Hamlets at Penticton, we offer specialized care for the needs of all of our patients, including those at different stages of dementia. At our dementia care facility, we focus on the specific concerns of dementia patients and their families. Because dementia is insidious in the way that it comes on and slowly gets worse, we know that not all dementia patients are the same or have the same needs. We take the time to get to know each patient and the family members who are involved in their lives. When you have concerns, we will work to reduce them and keep your aging loved one happy and healthy.

Full Time Dementia Care

While not everyone with dementia will need full time care, the benefits of a residential assisted living community are numerous for anyone suffering from dementia. At the early stages, it’s simply the alert and safety systems in place that will comfort both the patient and their family. And as the disease progresses, a full time dementia care facility like The Hamlets at Penticton offers increasing services and safety measures. We will always walk the line between respect for independence and appropriate levels of security and care.