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Getting out and about is great for both your mental health and your physical health! In Penticton we are lucky to live in a wonderful community with a great, mild climate that allows for outdoor activity year-round. Seniors living in Penticton are lucky in that the city offers many indoor and outdoor activities and clubs to suit every taste, and to exercise both the body and the mind.

Some of these clubs include:

  • Board games, such as Mah Jong and Scrabble
  • Card tables, including Bridge and Cribbage
  • Outdoor activities, weather permitting, including Bocce Ball, Hikes and Wikes, and Lawn Bowling
  • Musical lessons – Ukulele is one popular one, but others are also available
  • Spiritual Activities, such as meditation and hypnosis sessions
  • Other Activities including crocheting, dancing, yoga, and quilting.

Going out to meet people, focus on an activity, and learn something new are such good ways of exercising the mind, the body, and the spirit! As we get older, self care is incredibly important and joining a club or activity can make getting out a fun event to look forward to.

For more information on activities and clubs, see the below resources:

For more great recreational opportunities, check out our activities calendar.