The holidays can be both a wonderful and challenging time for all people, but for seniors especially. Dealing with the joy and bustle of the days while struggling with illness, loneliness, and other problems is exhausting for people who may already not be feeling at their best.


The highs of the holidays for seniors are often much the same as highs for others – spending time with loved ones, enjoying music and lights, eating delicious food, and sharing in friendship, generosity, and charity. If you have a senior family member living in an assisted living facility such as The Hamelts at Penticton, do what you can to ensure that he or she is able to experience these wonders. Make sure to visit, especially on important dates, bring gifts, listen to your family member’s favourite holiday music, and inquire about any special holiday events going on at the residence that your family member can enjoy.


The lows of the season, too, are universal. Like anyone else who feels alone during a season that often revolves around feelings of togetherness, a senior who does not have anyone to share the holidays with can become quite sad. Even if you are very busy, be sure to take time out to check in on senior friends and family. There are often community programs set up to bring holiday tidings to people living in various facilities, and that can help your senior family member feel connected. Ask us about our holiday calendar, so that we can work together on your loved ones holiday schedule.


The holidays may also bring back memories of friends and loved ones who are gone, or for seniors dealing with dementia or memory issues, create confusion and sadness. Talk to your loved one’s healthcare and residential team to find out what you can do to keep him or her comfortable during the holidays.


With a bit of extra love and care, everyone can enjoy the holidays.

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