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Most of us have never seen anything like the current pandemic we are experiencing. Seniors are particularly stressed because of the recent strict social distancing measures taken to protect them.

However, seniors are not the only ones feeling stress. Many small business owners are experiencing financial woes, and Canada is expecting a spike in divorce rates as social distancing measures start to ease.

What can we do to raise our spirits?

Concentrate on the positive

If watching news is depressing for you, then stop watching it. There are plenty of news sites online that are for good news. It’s refreshing to read about good news.

Similarly, talk to friends and relatives who lift your spirits. Cut back on communication with those who upset you. 

Try to help others

There is some compelling evidence that helping others is the key to happiness. There are many easy ways to help others, especially now.

Right now, helping others can mean shopping for someone and delivering the goods. It can mean taking someone’s dog for walk. 

Nonprofits always need help online if you don’t want to go out. You can help an organization with fundraising or with social media.

Get some exercise

Exercise has been shown time and time again to elevate mood. When you least feel like moving is when you need it the most. Going for a walk or hike or bike ride will make you feel better.

You can learn yoga at home watching a YouTube video. Exercise doesn’t have to be expensive or put you at any risk for COVID-19. 

And exercise encourages more exercise. The more you do it, the more you want to do it.

We wholeheartedly support adding some exercise to your daily routine. You would be amazed at how much better you would feel, even if you start small. You will feel better physically and emotionally.

We hope these tips—that really work—can help everyone to raise their spirits during this difficult time. 

The Hamlets at Penticton is a supportive, residential-care and assisted-living community in the beautiful Okanagan area of BC. In a compassionate environment based on the tenets of Christianity, The Hamlets of Penticton offers security and independence for seniors in their retirement years.

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