When the time comes to move into a seniors home, it is important to carefully consider what things to bring and what things to leave elsewhere (perhaps in storage). Because there is minimal in-room storage in the nursing home, it’s best to avoid bringing in too many non-essential items. Additionally, if the senior is moved to a different room, or moved to the hospital for a temporary stay – it is best to to avoid the chance of items getting misplaced during the changes.

Missing items are unfortunately a fairly common occurrence in seniors homes. Most seniors homes will have an inventory form which logs everything that a patient brings into the home with them, so that any missing items can be replaced if necessary.

Whether they are there for a long or a short stay, seniors are encouraged to bring in personal items to make their stay as comfortable as possible. It is best to bring copies of photos, rather than originals – many families choose to make collages of photos with messages and cards. Digital photographs may also be a great option.

All clothing being brought in for the patient’s use should be marked with their name in permanent marker on the tag so it can be identified if lost or misplaced. Many families are hesitant to mark clothing with the patient’s name, but if the name is written discretely somewhere such as on the tag it should not make a difference. Delicate clothing items should not be brought to the nursing home.

Seniors may bring in their own shampoo, soaps, and lotions if they would like to keep things feeling more normal for them. They may also bring magazines, books, and similar entertainment options to help keep themselves busy during their stay.

Because of the lack of storage space, and the high possibility of items being misplaced, it is important to limit the amount of items that a senior brings into the nursing home with them. Many daily necessities will be provided by the residence, so would not need to be brought in unless for personal preference reasons. Clothing and other items should be labelled as to who they belong to, just incase of something going missing.

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