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During this time of year, the weather in the Okanagan is beautiful and highly sought after. However, with all of the blooming plants that the sunshine brings, dreaded seasonal allergies are in full swing, and many of the Okanagan’s senior residents are feeling the effects. Seasonal allergies can be especially hard on our elderly residents, especially for those who have chronic illnesses or taking medications that counteract with allergy medicines. Here are a few tips to keep our Okanagan seniors’ allergies at bay this summer season.

Keep doors and windows closed.
When you let in the breeze to cool down, you are also letting in all the pollen and allergens that can cause problems for our seniors. It is better to keep the doors closed and find other methods of cooling the home down.

Consult with the Doctor
Often times, the doctor of an elderly patient has bigger things to worry about and may not bring up seasonal allergies. However, if allergies are becoming an issue they should be discussed with the doctor to come up with a treatment plan that won’t counteract with other medicines. Over the counter antihistamines can be detrimental to a senior, especially if they are on other medications, so it is best to speak with their doctor before giving them relief medicine for seasonal allergies.

Wash the Pollen Away
If pollen is the offending allergen, as it so often is, don’t forget to physically wash it away. Spending time outdoors will encourage pollen to stick to hair and clothing. Upon coming indoors, hands should be washed and clothing removed for cleaning. If possible, take a shower when entering the home after spending time outdoors.

Many seniors living in the Okanagan’s care facilities experience seasonal summer allergies to things such as pollen. Symptoms such as runny or itchy nose, sneezing, and itchy eyes can be indicative of seasonal allergies. All adults living in a residential care facility should be monitored as the seasons change for potential summer allergies.