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Ageism is unfortunately a sad reality faced by many seniors in residential care in the Okanagan and elsewhere around Canada and the world. Ageism, at its roots, is a basic denial of the rights of older people. Ageism has been deep-rooted in Canadian and Western culture for many years now, but it is absolutely not ok. Here are some tips for those in Seniors homes in the Okanagan on how to overcome ageism.

Speak Up

It is very important that you speak up should you feel you are being pushed around or a victim of ageism. It is also important to speak up should you witness ageism on other seniors. Do not be a silent victim or bystander.


To help reduce the stigma surrounding old people, show off the value and capabilities that seniors bring to society by volunteering and continuing to give back to your local community. Not only does volunteering provide social opportunities, but it also helps to keep seniors active and healthy.

Focus on Skills, Not Experience

There is often a belief that age brings experience and that skills and capabilities are a result of experience. help to remove this stigma by focusing on the skills and capabilities that you bring to a situation, rather than the experience.

Stay Fit and Active

Finally, perhaps the most important tip is to remember to stay active and be as fit as you can. Remove the ageist stereotypes of the “frail senior” by continuing to be involved in games, do yoga, go for walks, and be the best physical you that you can be.