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Staying active is extremely important for seniors, as it has a direct impact on their health and well being. While the warmer months provide lots of opportunity for outdoor activities for senior living in Penticton, the winter months can be more of a challenge. With this in mind, here are some suggestions on ways seniors can get the most out of the winter season in Penticton.

Start an Indoor Garden

Gardening does not have to be a spring and summer only activity. Take advantage of the warm indoors in your senior living community in Penticton by caring for houseplants. Being around plants can be therapeutic, giving one a sense of purpose. Try to choose varieties that do not require much sunlight to thrive, and enjoy watching your labour grow.

Learn a New Hobby

Take advantage of the cold, rainy days spent instead by learning a new hobby. If you have ever desired to learn to knit, or maybe even cook, now might be the time. Keeping your brain active by learning a new hobby is very important for your mental health.

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Another way to stay mentally active during the cold months is to read more books. Like learning a new hobby, this is a great way to keep your brain ticking. You may even want to start a book club, allowing you to discuss and socialize with other people with similar interests. If you can find a warm fireplace to gather around, even better!

Do Yoga

If you have never tried Yoga before, this Winter season is the perfect time to start. Yoga is a great indoor exercise that is low-impact and helps to keep you physically active. Physical activity is a vital part of maintaining a healthy body, and yoga is a great Winter option when the walkways are too icy and snowy.

These are just some ways that seniors in senior living communities in Penticton can get the most out of the Winter season. Remember to stay active, physically and mentally, and find activities and social groups that you enjoy.