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Memory care is a specialized type of environment for seniors suffering from some type of dementia. Seniors requiring memory care have special needs as outlined below.

People often think of dementia as Alzheimer’s Disease, but Alzheimer’s is only type of dementia. There are many types of dementia and cognitive deficits some of which are treatable, and some of which are not.

Doctor showing geometric shape game to elderly female patient with dementia


Those with dementia need a controlled, structured, and supervised environment. These residents are frequently confused and may not always remember where they are or even recognize those attending to them. A structured lifestyle and environment helps to minimize confusion. Supervision also means that residents need to be prevented from wandering off and getting lost, often a first sign of dementia.

Higher Level of Care

Memory care may also include complex care. Those requiring memory care may not be able to remember to take medications or may need help doing so. Similarly these residents may or may not need help at mealtime or reminders to eat.

When residents have dementia or other serious cognitive deficits, simple tasks like getting dressed or looking after personal hygiene often require assistance. In a memory care environment, there are staff trained to help residents with these tasks.

Memory care is often both heart-breaking and overwhelming for family members to offer for their loved ones. That is why seniors with dementia often eventually need a memory care environment where trained professionals can look after these seniors’ daily needs and keep them safe and healthy.

We offer memory care at The Hamlets at Penticton, our assisted living and long-term care community for seniors in the Okanagan.


The Hamlets at Penticton is a supportive, long-term care and assisted-living community in the beautiful Okanagan area of BC. In a compassionate environment based on the tenets of Christianity, The Hamlets of Penticton offers security and independence for seniors in their retirement years.

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