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We all want to do our best to care for and look after our loved ones. Many people will try their best to do it on their own, but at a certain point this can lead to exhaustion, stress and even burnout. There are some options that are available to help, specifically respite care and convalescent care.

Respite Care

Respite care in Penticton is a chance for primary caregivers to step away and take a much needed break. Respite care can be either in-home, or at a day center. Respite care involves a caretaker coming to the home and providing care for the day, or bringing the loved one to a community for a day of care. This gives the primary caregiver the “day off”, a chance to unwind and rest. Respite care is a good choice for seniors with physical or cognitive limitations, who require constant care. Respite can often be customized to meet the unique needs of each senior.

Convalescent Care

Convalescent care is similar to respite care, but more directed toward those seniors who have spent time in a hospital, and have been released but still require more care and time to properly recover. This is different then respite care in that it is not continuous or ongoing, but temporary until the loved one has had a chance to completely recover. Often the health care team will determine the need for convalescent care. Most convalescent care will take place in a specialized community.

Depending on the needs of your loved one, Respite or convalescent care may be a good option for support moving forward. Although similar, they are different and the needs of your loved one will help to determine which is the better option.