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Staying active and social is important for seniors in the assisted living community in Penticton. Unfortunately, while many of those living in a senior living community understand the importance of social interactions, they struggle to find suitable opportunities. Penticton seniors are fortunate to have the Penticton seniors’ Drop-in Center.

What is the Penticton Seniors’ Drop-in Center?

The Penticton Seniors’ Drop-in Center is a place for those aged 50 or over to participate in a wide array of activities, programs and events, regardless of ethnicity, economic status and ability.

The Center is completely volunteer run, including the board of directors, with a vision of creating an “inclusive, caring, supportive, safe and affordable environment”.

What Activites Are Offered?

There are numerous activities offered at the seniors Center for members. For those interested in physical activity, you can participate in anything from lawn bowling, to line dancing and even yoga. If you are looking for a more cognitive experience, consider joining in on cards and games. For the more musically inclined, the Center offers sing-a-longs and even the occasional musical performance. There is sure to be something for everyone.

While most activities involve a nominal cost in addition to membership, the Center operates as a non-profit and seeks to make sure that everyone is able participate. This Center is a great space for Penticton seniors to stay physically active, mentally active, and socially engaged. For more information on the Penticton Seniors Drop-in Center, check out their website at