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The latest census data shows that the population in the Okanagan area is getting more and more grey. In Penticton for instance, there are almost three times as many seniors as children. A demographer from Statistics Canada noted that it’s likely the climate that started the encouragement of the elderly to move to the Okanagan area, but there are a number of other reasons that make the Okanagan an ideal place for senior citizens to live.

Each community within the Okanagan is unique in its own way, but each boasts a great variety of health care, recreation, and community support. Many of the communities in the Okanagan are of a smaller size – meaning a great sense of community is present, and people are generally very friendly. Additionally, because there tends to be a high number of retirees, there is a great sense of support of people with similar interests.

Recreation is plentiful within the area, with three ski hills in driving distance – as well as ample golf courses. Additionally, there are many walking, hiking, and cycling trails; especially in the South Okanagan. Freshly grown fruit and vegetables are plentiful in the area.

Transportation is not an issue within the Okanagan, as bus services run to each community and Kelowna has an international airport. Driving to the Lower Mainland is also just a quick few hours away by car, in the event that family is in that area.

The climate of the Okanagan region is likely the biggest candidate for reasons why a senior citizen may choose to live there. The Okanagan receives a very mild climate, with warm summers and moderate winters – many areas of the Okanagan rarely reach below freezing temperatures. Additionally, the area is much drier than in other areas of southern British Columbia.

For many retirees, the Okanagan is a great choice for a place to live. Many older citizens prefer the quiet, friendlier lifestyle, and the climate tends to be much easier on those with arthritic and other conditions. Currently, census data has shown that the Okanagan area is growing largely in the older populations.